Coasteering is one of the most popular adrenalin seeking activities we do at Sealyham, suitable for everyone. Here at Sealyham we have  been coasteering for over 20 years and found that this adventure in the inter tidal zone ticks all the boxes for challenging ones comfort zone . Once done never forgotten.

What are you likely to do while you are coasteering

Everything you were told not to do at the seaside as a child!! It is a unique way to explore the coastline, you will swim, discover caves, get up close and personal with the wildlife, traverse the rocks (low level climbing), get washed around by the sea and jump if you dare!  The fantastic thing about costeering that apart from swimming everything else is optional!


 We go coasteering at two of the best sites in Pembrokeshire!

Some of the best places to coasteer in the UK! We are very lucky in Pembrokeshire to have some amazing venues.  Abbreiddy is a perfect location for it, safe, accessible and beautiful! We also use another location near St Davids, this one is a bit more adventurous depending on the conditions, and has some amazing features!!










Types of groups that can coasteer

Anyone, from  families, stag or hen groups, people wanting to try something different, adrenalin seeking junkies, school groups, team building days, old friends getting together. The one thing they all have in common is that they thought it was great and will never forget their experience!!  

Coasteering kit list