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Corporate Groups

It has been long accepted that outdoor pursuits can be an effective medium for personal development, enhancing leadership, team building and personal skills. Our courses are designed to explore and enhance a person’s ability in planning, problem solving, decision making, effective communication, time and resource management. Each day participants will have the opportunity to analyze their own and their group’s performance. Our instructors will ensure that the main learning points are identified and that group members know how to relate them back to their personal and working life.

Why outdoor training?

Example – the group will be asked to cross a river using limited resources. A similar exercise could be classroom based, but if a model bridge collapses the task has failed, end of exercise. If the task fails outside and group members are unable to cross the river without getting wet, the experience is more memorable with immediate feedback. From this we conclude that the thought process is the same, but the learning process is more effective. We can plan a programme to match your exact requirements. Whether it be a day of team building activities or a full week, just get in touch and you will be amazed at what we can do for you.

Some of our corporate clients:

    Pembrokeshire College

Western Power Distribution

                    Bridgwater College

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For more info on what’s available please call us on 01348 840763