Summary of Sealyham Activity Centre Code of Practice

Sealyham is now in it’s 30th year of operation under our ownership. Each year has seen an improvement in all aspects of the centre. This is due to the professional attitude of Sealyham staff and the level of communication maintained between party leaders, Sealyham staff and the children. The purpose of this paper is to state the procedures under which Sealyham is operating with regard to organization, health and safety and the well being of everyone concerned.
Programming success is due to consultation with party leaders, designing of courses to suit the age and overall aims of each group, careful planning and preparation including early identification of students with special needs. Also good management of staff, facilities and resources in relation to the programme.
Our programming is very flexible. Suggestions from party leaders are always welcome and every attempt is made to tailor our programmes to suit the needs of each individual group.

GENERAL: We believe in providing a full introduction for each activity, ensuring safe participation and helping each student believe in their own capabilities. Sealyham uses every possible persuasion to encourage students to take part in all the activities on offer. This never progresses to coercion or force at any time as we respect a person’s right to decide for themselves. Throughout their stay with us the student’s well being is of paramount importance and every effort is made to ensure they are warm, well fed and happy. At Sealyham, any effort, no matter how small, is considered an achievement. There is no emphasis on doing “well”. The experience of sailing or abseiling is enough and levels of excellence are unnecessary. The combination of activities, group interaction and time spent away from home means the students learn through experience and gain a sense of achievement, an increased self confidence and an improved awareness of both themselves and others.

THE CENTRE: On arrival each group is given an introduction and a tour of the centre, being shown the location of such things as the dining room and fire escapes. Party leaders will be advised of procedures concerning personal discipline at the centre and in the surrounding area, procedures for dealing with accidents and the provision of first aid. A system of reporting and investigating a “near miss” is also important. Procedures and information concerning fire safety and other emergencies which require evacuation of buildings. A fire drill will be carried out on the first evening at the centre. A notice board will provide information as to clothing required for different activities and Sealyham staff will ensure that group members are adequately equipped before the group embarks on any activity. We request information regarding anyone who has a medical condition, special diet or other special need.

ROLE OF PARTY LEADER AND ACCOMPANYING ADULTS: Adults accompanying a group of students/trainees are in loco-parentis and are responsible for the safety and well-being of those students/trainees at all times. The party leader must know where all members of his/her party are at any time. The adult in charge of a group is responsible for their behavior. Any behavior which is unacceptable will not be tolerated, and in some cases the offender may be asked to return home. All groups are expected to be accompanied by an adult member of the party for all programmed activities. We provide supervision for all organized evening activities. However, it is the responsibility of accompanying adults to ensure that students are supervised after these organised activities and at all other times when the students have “free time”.

ROLE OF SEALYHAM STAFF: Sealyham has an Operations Manager who is responsible for liaison with the party leaders to ensure the aims and objectives of the course are fully achieved, to the satisfaction of all concerned. There is a Chief Instructor and a team of Instructional staff. The instructors will be capable of covering every aspect of the programmes promised. All activities offered will be led by competent people who are suitably experienced so that the activity will operate safely as a learning vehicle without unnecessary risk. Sealyham staff assess each group and adapt all activities to suit the capabilities and age group of the students involved. They will provide instruction which is clear, practical and understood by the students. Centre management will provide in advance, domestic information about the centre including room allocation, programme and menu.

FIRE SAFETY: Sealyham has its own fire safety procedure which will include, as a minimum, all individuals being physically shown their assembly point. A fire drill will be carried out on the first evening of each group’s stay. All guests must ensure that they do not inadvertently present a fire hazard. 

MEDICAL: Sealyham must be advised of any special medical requirements or conditions of visiting students and adults well in advance of their stay. These details should also be brought to the attention of the Operations Manager on arrival at the Centre. Sealyham will provide transport to the hospital or doctor’s surgery should this be necessary. Our accident and emergency procedure is detailed in the Standard Operating Procedure document.

Every effort is made to ensure that meal times are efficiently run. The cooperation of all guests is essential. The meals provided will be well balanced, healthy and nutritious, with a choice of 3 meals to cater for preferences of young people. Specific dietary requirements can be catered for, if the centre is notified in advance.

INSURANCE: Sealyham has a comprehensive public liability policy with an Indemnity/ Benefit limit of £10 million. The party leader is responsible for taking out a policy to cover for cancellation, curtailment, medical costs, loss of personal luggage and money, personal accident.