Adventure Courses for Schools and Groups

Schools – KS2

Health and Wellbeing AND Outdoor Education for KS2 students all in one place at Sealyham Activity Centre – availability in 2017

Activity courses for year 4,5 & 6 students that will enhance the development of necessary life skills through the medium of outdoor education in a woodland environment.  We can offer programmes that will challenge students physically and mentally.  Whilst at Sealyham we aim:

To provide physical and emotional challenges through the medium of outdoor activities, so that pupils may discover more about themselves and gain self-confidence.

To increase initiative, independence, interdependence and self-discipline through co-operation and trust in challenging environments and shared living conditions.

To encourage pupils to develop lively enquiring minds and powers of observation, logical thought and communication.

To encourage the development of moral and spiritual values and the sill to base life and behaviour upon them.

To equip pupils with skills, knowledge and attitude, which will help them to live their lives as self-respecting and competent individuals able to make informed and reasoned choices for themselves, while having regard for the needs of others.

To develop an awareness of danger and encourage a sense of responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

To motivate pupils to use their leisure time enjoyably and purposefully.

To encourage and help pupils to aim at achieving the highest standards of which they are capable.

KS3,4 & 5 & Colleges

We will tailor an outdoor course to your needs. Any length of stay from 2 to 7 days, with a programme to include as many activities as you choose. If you are close enough why not come along for a non-residential activity day.

Our instructors will spend as much time as necessary encouraging students to participate in each of the activities. However, this will never progress to coercion or force at any time as we respect the right of each person to make that final decision themselves.

Each activity programme is designed to suit the needs of the individual group. Although the same activities are on offer to every group, each session is adapted to the age and ability of the group members. Educational visits to places such as St. Davids or Pembroke can also be arranged.

Or, if you are looking for a base for your field tip, why not consider the comforts of Sealyham Mansion. Explore and study the fantastic county of Pembrokeshire and return in the evening to a warm house and good food.

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Consent Forms can be downloaded from our website (Residential Consent Form) or sent by email.