Youth Groups


Summer Camps 

If you are looking for a venue for a youth camp this summer, our mansion house can accommodate up to 120 people and we can offer you an outdoor activity programme to fill all or part of your stay.  Self-catering or fully catered for options available. Sealyham is an ideal location for a fun-filled camp!

Or, if you are looking for a team building event for your sports team or youth group, we have over 30 years experience of delivering outdoor activities, and we know how beneficial these activities can be for personal development.  We believe that using the outdoor environment to help gain confidence, trust, team work and self belief is unbeatable.  We can provide a great learning experience whilst also having fun along the way.

We can tailor the programme to suit your needs, with as many activities and reviews as you require.  We can offer day activities or residential, to find out more please contact us.

For availabilty and price list go to our price list page

Consent Forms can be downloaded from our website (Residential Consent Form) or emailed to you.