Bridgewater and Taunton College Press Release and Video

Over the last few weeks we have had firstly the BTC sport science courses and then BTC uniformed public services course. The students attended a ‘training’ session on the first evening learning the basics of each session then coaching each other when on that session. One of the tutors (Meg Watkin) filmed the week on her GoPro and made a short film showcasing the action packed fun filled week and showcasing the students hard work throughout the week.

Bridgewater and Taunton College also released a press release. It highlights the benefits that a residential trip can have on students.

Here is the press release:

Sport students take on the great outdoors


A trip like like this can benefit students by boosting their confidence, forging new friendships, building on student relationships with each other and their tutors. Tutors see the students push themselves outside of the classrooms and the students comfort zones.

If you are reading this and believe that a residential trip like this can benefit your students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and book your tailored made trip.

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