Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

This year we have signed up to the Terracycle Scheme (crisp packet recycling scheme). We took this step because crisps are part of the lunch that our guests make when they return from their mornings activity.

With the highlight of plastic pollution more prevalent in the news and in TV, we decided as a centre that we need to do more on our part. So, this year we have placed more recycling points around the house, and signed up to the Terracycle scheme. This scheme is run by a company that recycles hard to recycle waste. For every 2 kilos of crisp packets we send to be recycled we receive 200 points. these then equal a monetary value of 1 point equals £0.01 so, 200 pints equals £2 that we can donate to our chosen charity.  As part of the welcome talk we will highlight our effort of recycling and encourage our guests to help in our efforts. We are only 1 of 4 establishments in Pembrokeshire to have signed up to the scheme.

Over the first 3 weeks of residential we have collected 1.7kg of crisp packets!!!! We will send off the crisp packets when we reach 5kg.

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