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Sealyham’s 100 acres of wooded valleys and thick undergrowth, its a ideal setting to learn and test your bushcraft skills! Our trained instructors will demonstrate a range of survival skills and bushcraft skills. First of all you will learn what you need and able to do to survive in the wild. Learn how to make and build a natural shelter or a bivi using a basher.

You will progress on to fire building and fire starting, using different methods from a modern steel striker to more traditional methods of fire by friction.

Next you will then be able to learn how to collect, filter and purify water using a basic water filter that you will make yourself!!!

You will learn about what you can eat in our woodland before going to collect what is available like blackberries at the end of the summer or young nettle leaves in the spring.

Once you have set up your mini camp, you will roast marshmellows or cook a flatbread that you can dip in a freshly made blackberry compote with blackberries that you collected. Also using the kelly kettle make some hot chocolate or nettle tea!


Location: San Diego, CA
Date: August 22, 2018
Duration: 13 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Unlimited